Madison Square Eats NYC-2749
Madison Square Eats NYC-2749
Roberta’s Marg Pizza
Roberta’s Marg Pizza
Broadway Bites Sign
Broadway Bites Sign
Mad. Sq. Eats – 2013
Mad. Sq. Eats – 2013
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bowl'ed over

With temperatures in New York City finally making it feel like fall, a quick weekday lunch or an indulgent weekend food crawl at UrbanSpace’s Broadway Bites is the perfect opportunity for a hearty, comforting meal. From now until November 14th, 30+ vendors are offering all kinds of cool weather treats, both sweet and savory, at our market in the heart of Greeley Square.

Whether you’re indulging or trying to keep things light, a rice, noodle, or veggie bowl is the perfect well-rounded meal. Spotted at various booths throughout the market, many of our vendors are offering up these tasty, transportable feasts. Here are a few that we’ve been loving lately:

The sweet and tangy takeout classic goes veg at the Brooklyn Wok Shop booth with their General Tso’s Cauliflower & Mushroom Rice Bowl.

bowl'ed over -

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Gumbo Bros

Today is National Gumbo Day — what better way to celebrate than by chatting with one of UrbanSpace’s newest vendors, The Gumbo Bros?

From now through November 14th, visitors to Broadway Bites by Urbanspace (in Greeley Square) can warm up with a bowl of the Gumbo Bros’ delicious gumbo, wash it down with an Abita root beer, and learn a little bit more about Cajun and Creole food. The Gumbo Bros, Adam and Clay, are two friends who met in college at Louisiana State University, and are now bringing a bit of the Big Easy to the Big Apple. We chatted with Adam Lathan, Executive Chef/Cofounder of The Gumbo Bros to find out what the secret to good gumbo is, and what they’re snacking on at Broadway Bites when they aren’t eating gumbo.

What motivated you to bring Louisiana creole and Cajun cuisine to New York City?

Adam Lathan: We have lived in New York for over three years now and ever since we moved here we have had to make our hometown favorites if we ever had a craving. None of the”cajun food” here really tastes like home so we set out to fix that.  Read More


October is here, ushering in the return of Broadway Bites in the heart of Greeley Square. Opening this Monday, October 6th, our 30+ vendors are prepped to bring their delicious dishes and drinks to the midtown masses. Many of our purveyors prioritize using local and seasonal ingredients – hence, the market is the perfect place to indulge your fall flavor cravings, from pumpkin and apple, to maple and sage.  Read More


UrbanSpace Garment District is up and running (through October 17th!), and it’s mighty delicious. Join us and 31 of NYC’s finest chefs and food-makers for our newest street fest. Haven’t checked it out yet? Feast your eyes on the scenes below (find ‘em all on Facebook), and check out some early words from attendees:


“What I love about UrbanSpace is that their events incorporate the known vendors that you crave while also encouraging you to explore new up-and-coming caterers whom are yet to open their own brick and mortars.” - Coffee & Champagne


“we stopped by the new urban space food market in the garment district for dinner the other night after being invited down to check it out and sampled ourselves silly with all the good vendors they’ve brought in. (things like japanese curry, lobster rolls, meatball sandwiches, tacos, burgers, wood-fired pizza…) i’m still stuffed a few days later. having such good food around really makes us love being here in new york.” – Love Taza


Lookin’ Good, Mad. Sq. Eats

September 9, 2014

Mad. Sq. Eats is BACK IN ACTION! Check out a few scenes and stories from the feast below (and peep the full photo gallery on Facebook).

Mad Sq Eats Fall 2014

“Grabbing a quality but quick lunch in New York City’s Gramercy/Flatiron area can be somewhat difficult. Sure, there’s no shortage of options and the original New York locations of popular chains Shake Shack and Sweetgreen are nearby. There’s just that whole 45-minute wait time to worry about. That’s why we’re excited each year by the arrival of Mad. Sq. Eats and its 30 – yes, 30 – city vendors.”  - Food Republic

“The entire triangle has been turned into a hopping open-air market, with plenty of seating, and even beer.” – The Daily Meal

Mad Sq Eats Gumbo Bros

“Of the new vendors, I was most excited by authentic Creole fare at Gumbo Bros. For founders Adam Lathan and Clay Boulware, who met at Louisiana State University, this is the debut delivering New Yorkers their New Orleans soul food. No matter how hot and sticky the climate, the Frenchman Street Creole Gumbo — sweet shrimp, Andouille, and okra in a smoky tomato-based roux, topped with a round of white rice — hits the spot.” – Insatiable Critic

Mad Sq Eats Seoul Lee Korean BBQ

“Mad. Sq. Eats is baaaack! Starting today, you can enjoy this pop-up food market’s month long stay in Worth Square, right across the street from Madison Square Park.” – Shelly in Real Life

“Surrounded by an array of delicious fare including artisanal cured meats, kombucha on tap, truffle French fries, Japanese curry beef tacos, and meatballs paired with homemade sauces, it was nearly impossible to chose favorites.” – Joonbug

Mad Sq Eats Charlito's

“Between the big names you’ll know, the others you’ll discover you should have known and ones that are up-and-coming there is not a single stand worth skipping. Seriously.” – Coffee & Champagne

Mad Sq Eats Fall 2014

Fox 5 @ Mad. Sq. Eats

September 9, 2014

Fox sent a crew to cover Mad. Sq. Eats on opening day! Click the image to see some money shots of Pig & Khao banh mi and Breads Bakery’s babka, plus an interview with the coolest ice-cream-sandwich-eating kindergartner ever:

Fox News at Mad Sq Eats



UrbanSpace is excited to announce a new partnership with The Garment District NYC — a partnership that’s going to bring some mighty exciting things to the Broadway pedestrian malls in the heart of the historic New York district. First up is UrbanSpace Garment District, a month-long food fest running along Broadway from 39th Street to 41st Street.

Stop by the market between September 15 and October 17 for bites from 30 independent food businesses, serving lobster rolls, arepas, duck dumplings, Dutch pancakes, Belgian waffles, Japanese curry, Brazilian bonbons, whoopie pies, paella, wood-fired pizzas and more. The lineup is packed with UrbanSpace newcomers, plus a handful of favorites from other UrbanSpace markets and from within the Garment District. Check out the full vendor list here! And learn more about this and upcoming UrbanSpace projects from The Village Voice and DNA Info.


See You in September!

August 18, 2014

Broadway Bites

Mad. Sq. Eats returns on September 5th! Want a taste of what’s to come? Our lineup has been posted, and is looking mighty fine. You can look forward to lobster rolls, gumbo, oysters on the half-shell, wood-fired pizza, crepes, charcuterie, empanadas and so much more taking over the west side of Madison Square. Come hungry!

Mamma Mia! stars Elena Ricardo and Jon Jorgenson chow down

Mamma Mia! stars Elena Ricardo and Jon Jorgenson chow down

The stars of Mamma Mia! hit Broadway Bites for a proper feast of Red Hook Lobster Pound lobster rolls, Roberta’s pizza, Brooklyn Taco’s guaco taco, Mighty Balls meatballs, Macaron Parlour sweets, Nunu’s frozen white wine sangria, and of course a Mama Mia grilled cheese sandwich from Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen. Check out the video!

Broadway Bites closes today, August 1st, but don’t fret: it will be back October 1st, with a whole new lineup of deliciousness.

Gelato Ti Amo

Only one week of Broadway Bites remains (until October, at least), which begs the very important question: Have you had your gelato–and Korean tacos and mushroom dumplings and Turkish pastries and beer floats–today?

As the market winds down, we wanted to give a special shout to one of the vendors who always puts a smile on our faces, not just because his gelato is so darn good. Luca Meacci is the passionate Italian expat behind the stateside branch of Gelato Ti Amo, which launched in Cortona, Italy, in 2010. Meacci tried the gelato on a visit to his home region of Arezzo in 2011, met with the founders the very next day, and the rest is (sweet) history.

We love Meacci’s gelato for its purity of flavor and its obsessive devotion to top-notch ingredients. Read on to learn more, and get thee to Broadway Bites to taste for yourself!

UrbanSpace: What inspired you to bring Gelato Ti Amo stateside?
Luca Meacci: I have been living in New York for ten years now, and I was missing the taste of gelato that I grew up with! I am from Arezzo and I always go back in September. During the summer of 2011 I went to Cortona and tried some gelato. I immediately fell in love with the gelato and with Gelato Ti Amo. The next day I met with one of the founders about the possibility of bringing Gelato Ti Amo to New York City. I am someone that eats gelato all year round and I thought that it could be great for me to recreate that in the greatest city in the world.

US: For those who don’t know, can you explain the difference between gelato and ice cream?
LM: Yes. It’s very easy for me to answer that. The first difference is that gelato has less fat then ice cream. The churning speed is different. Ice cream is churned faster and harder than gelato to incorporate air into the mixture. Gelato is churned at a slower speed, which means not as much air is whipped into the mixture keeping it dense. Another difference is that Ice cream is heavy on the cream. In order to be legally labeled it is required to have at least 10 percent fat content . We don’t use any cream, we only use organic certified USDA approved Milk. And our fat content is only 4 percent. 

Gelato Ti AmoUS: Again, for those who don’t know: will you explain what sets your gelato apart from the rest?
LM: We get our milk and mascarpone from Mukki Latte, a milk company from Tuscany in business since 1954 and a USDA approved organic certified company, which is a synonym of quality. Just to give you an idea of how quality is important to us, we choose our products very carefully. Our raspberry, strawberries and figs come from Arezzo (Tuscany), lemons come from Sorrento (Naples), hazelnuts from Langhe (Barolo area, Piedmont), pistachios from Bronte (Sicily), chocolate, coconut and mango from the Caribbeans. If you go to one of our locations in Italy you will find exactly the same taste.

US: I know choosing one favorite flavor would likely be impossible, so how about choosing a favorite flavor for each season — spring, summer, winter and fall?
LM: Spring: strawberry sorbet
Summer: pistachio gelato
Winter: hazelnut gelato
Fall: mascarpone and figs gelato

Gelato Ti Amo