Mad. Sq. Eats

Mad. Sq. Eats brings the diverse flavors of the city’s best restaurants and food entrepreneurs to Worth Square, a prime location in the heart of New York’s historic Flatiron District. The highly anticipated bi-annual event draws hungry crowds of neighborhood residents, workers, and tourists who enjoy this unique opportunity to savor offerings from buzzworthy eateries.


2017 Spring Market | May 13th – June 9th
11am – 9pm Daily

2017 Fall Market | September 2nd – September 29th


Worth Square – 5th Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets.



Fall 2017 Mad. Sq. Eats Vendors

Baked Cheese Haus

Baked Cheese Haus is a Wisconsin specialty and artisanal cheesemaker specializing in Alpine-style Raclette.  We heat half wheels of Alpine cheese under traditional Raclette warmers, and scrape the molten cheese on to toasted baguettes with varying accompaniments in the tradition of the Swiss Alps.


Daa! Dumplings

One of a kind Russian dumpling cones. First and only to offer organic “air” fried dumplings. We offer traditional Russian dumplings, as well as “world-inspired” recipes that cater to diverse audiences from meat eaters to vegans. Our recipes and processes are unique and we make our sauces in house.


Gumbo Bros

The Gumbo Bros is a restaurant serving authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine in New York City. We are known for serving an assortment of gumbos, Po’Boy sandwiches, and other Louisiana delicacies. The food is prepared and served by two Louisiana boys with a deep love for their food and culture.



Rome’s Pizza Pocket: handmade, stone milled, natural fermentation.

Pizza meet sandwich: Trapizzino is a pocket of Roman pizza bianca bread filled with classic dishes from the Eternal City.

It was created by one of Italy’s most famous pizza legends, Stefano Callegari, quickly gaming a cult following and critical acclaim.

Starting with an heirloom Italian starter yeast, stone-milled our and artisanal produce, we make everything the traditional way using secret recipes from home cooks that have been passed down for generations.


The Paella Shack

Paella Shack is a concept created to feature our Paellas in the original form they were originally intended to be cooked. Always outdoors, always meant to be shared and more importantly always from scratch and cooked in front of the guests that will enjoy them! Our format allows the market goer to choose from an array of different variations cooked a la minute as well as enjoying the culinary visual experience.

Natives of Spain, both Chef Josep and myself take pride in not only cooking our paellas in the traditional way, but also adding our own modern twist.

Renegade Vice Parlour

An exciting new concept brought to you by Renegade Lemonade, Ice and Vice, and Macaron Parlour. Renegade Vice Parlour aka RVP. We’ll have multiple collaborations throughout the fall. We are excited with work together to make an amazing new experience at the market! More details to follow and expect many fun surprises ahead.


Melt Bakery

For eight seasons, Melt Bakery has continued to grow its simple concept of delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches, and genuine, memorable customer service. We continue to find new audiences for our creations, keeping the more reserved palates happy wile also introducing new and exciting ways to please the more adventurous.

As we expand, we continually strive to scale our efforts of efficiency, sustainability, safety, and quality. Our sales Team, the face of the brand, is filled each year with more and more people that have worked with us in prior seasons, leading to better customer service and the opportunity of internal promotion. It also affords our leadership team the luxury of innovating with the operation becoming more stable year after year. Feedback is a tool all our employees use to help us fuel our growth.



Farmstand is New York City’s destination for fresh, hyperlocal, seasonal salads with an edge.

Our goal at Farmstand is two-fold: to offer our customers fun, filling salad options while simultaneously staying transparent about our ingredients by showcasing only the best seasonal produce sourced from local farms.

All of Farmstand’s ingredients- from our lettuces, to our cheeses, to our honey (produced by our owner’s grandfather, one of the top beekeepers and honey producers in the tri-state)- are sourced from within 150 miles of New York. Our Menu changes several times each season so our customers are always guaranteed exciting new salad options made from the best produce around. Thirsty? We offer a selection of local beers and craft session cocktails, too.

Farmstand. No Gimmicks. No filters. Just real food from real people.


Hai Street Kitchen & Co.

At Hai Street Kitchen & Co., creativity is the key to a delicious meal. The theater-style kitchen allows the customer to watch and direct the culinary team as they load up a roll with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Treat your taste buds with mouth-watering protein options like Shrimp Tempura, lightly battered Shrimp; Chicken Katsu, lightly breaded panko chicken; Seared Tataki Salmon a cut of sushi grade salmon lightly seared; and many others.

Add to the flavor with specialty, house-made sauces crafted to pair perfectly with your main ingredient. Toss in some fresh vegetables like picked Jicama, papaya salad, carrots, cucumbers, and red cabbage. Top it all off with a crunch of shallots or tempura crunch.



Chick’nCone is hand-breaded chicken tenders, tossed in one of our delicious sauces and served in a homemade waffle cone. We are bringing Chicken and Waffles back to where it was born, with a decidedly modern NYC twist, all while saving the environment “one fork at a time”.

#forkfreechicken #socluckingood


Domo Taco

Domo Taco is a cross-cultural taqueria concept that brings pan-Asian flavors in delicious and inventive ways to traditional Mexican fare. What started out as a single taco truck has become one of New York’s hottest new taquerias. Now in its fourth year as a food truck and second season working with Urbanspace, Domo Taco seeks to bring smiles to hungry lunchers with delicious food and warm stuff.


Bao by Kaya

Bao by Kaya is an established NYC street vendor specializing in Taiwanese snacks, and the signature Taiwanese-style burger “gua bao” – a white fluffy steamed bun served with a variety of meat options.  Bao by Kaya was honored as a finalist for Rookie of the Year at the 2015 Vendy Awards. We are also the Broadway Bites, Governor’s Isand and Hester Fair food vendors.


OPPA New Korean BBQ

OPPA means big brother in Hangul. We are New Korean BBQ cooking classic Korean flavors in fun new ways serving rice bowls, ssam lettuce wraps, salads, sandwiches fried chicken, soups and more.

KBBQ by Korilla

Korilla started with the goal of making Korean food more accessible back in 2010 when there were less than half as many Korean establishments as there are today in NYC. Growing up on Micky D’s kid’s meals and the easy-to-hate but hard-to-rest Taco Hut of Dunkin Robbins frankensteins, our menu was inspired by our upbringing in Queens in a Korean family.

Korilla took on the identity of .a tiger, bold and fierce- like our Korean mothers (just kidding)- because Korean flavors and cuisine is just that. We hit the streets with an honest approach to food because we only knew one way- mom’s way.

Our bestsellers include our rice bowls, which replicate a Korean dinner table in a bowl. Korilla is easily relatable with names like Ribeye of the Tiger, Pork Slap, Buddh’a Cup, even though most may not know that the funky kimchi in ever bowl is packed with probiotics.



Gotham Poke

Gotham Poke will bring a modern take on hawaiian cuisine from one big island to the other (Manhattan)! Unique varieties of marinated poke over an array of healthy delicious bases creates the perfect meal or snack. This new concept is from the team behind Takumi Taco.


Mr Bing – Beijing Street Foods

Mr Bing’s mission is to introduce America to traditional Beijing street crepes, made hot & fresh in front of the customers. For those already familiar with bings, we aim to instill a sense of nostalgia for the China street food culture they remember.



Frida’s Favorites

Frida’s Favorites is a new traditional Mexican concept serving “Traditional Mexican Soul Food.” New York’s multicultural core makes it the food capital of the world, and Frida’s Favorite celebrates that eclectic energy of different cultures coming together through food.  You won’t find a melting pot here, but you will find some of the best Mexican cuisine in the city.



Since opening in Bushwick in 2008, Roberta’s has become a neighborhood institution, a culinary destination, and an incubator for progressive entrepreneurship. And oh, the pizza: mozzarella is made fresh every morning, salumi comes from American and Italian producers, and seasonal vegetables are used throughout the year.


Cheesesteaks by The Truffleist

From the producers of locally handcrafted truffle products. The truffleist team bring you their refined Version of the classic cheesesteaks. Freshly seared steak, toasted artisan bread, melted cheese and homemade cheese sauce finished with  truffle goodness.


Jicama “California Street Food”

Jicama has created its own unique style of cuisine: “California Street Food”. They serve beautiful farm inspired salads, tacos and tamales that rejuvenate and invigorate. Jicama appeals to those who love the beauty and brightness of healthy food.


Palenque Colombian Food

Palenque is a company dedicated to providing delicious gourmet Colombian fusions to the New York metro area. They offer quinoa and multigrain arepas with delicious vegetarian and meat options.


Red Hook Lobster Pound

The Red Hook Lobster Pound brings sensational lobster rolls and seafood straight from the Maine coast to New York City.


La Sonrisa Empanadas

La Sonrisa serves boutique style empanadas at New York City (NYC) food markets, concerts, and events. We are passionate about our food and strive to satisfy every appetite with great tasting empanadas using only the best ingredients and most authentic recipes.

La Sonrisa Empanadas offers vegetarian, beef, chicken and pulled pork empanadas, made with only the best ingredients and authentic recipes.

La Sonrisa has partnered with Urbanspace since the winter of 2011. That first seasion The Village Voice listed us as one of the four best things to eat at Columbus Circle Holiday Market and CBS The Best of NY featured us during Mad. Sq. Eats in 2012.


Bangkok B.A.R.

Bangkok B.A.R “Born And Raised” is an ode to one of the world’s most exciting culinary destinations. A place where one can experience the sensory kaleidoscope through the endless amounts of sites, sounds, aromas, flavors, textures and cultures.

Wanisa Tondreau was born and raised in Bangkok City, close to Klong Toey (largest fresh market) where families, food vendors, and restaurants gathered their daily menu. She had learned how to cook through her mother’s teachings of beautiful, local produce that creates Thailand’s signature flavors. Wanisa started cooking in her mother’s home where she had learned how to make rice noodles, curries, and soup from scratch. She has worked for top chefs across the United states mastering the local styles.

Bangkok Born and Raised is an unadulterated Thai concept selling real authentic street foods of Thailand sourced from the largest green market in New York City showcasing the very best of local farmers and growers have to offer.

To make sure our offerings are as traditional as possible we procure traditional equipment. To make our sauteed “Flatiron Noodles & Rices” the old way, we imported 3 foot flat seasoned work from Thailand. A version of the wok was shown on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”. We have also built a custom 4 foot Thai Grill that gets up to 1000 degrees for high heat and big flavor jut like the grills of Thai street vendors back home.


Given the opportunity Madison Square Eats could be the perfect stage to have locals, visiting guests, and reporters experience the broad range of authentic seasonal home-style Thai cuisine that most people out of Thailand never get to see or taste.


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