Vendor Spotlight: Mariano and Maria Pilatti of The Raw Art


The Raw Art is an artistic, Brooklyn based duo: Mariano and Maria Pilatti. Both members of the talented twosome hail from overseas (Mariano from Argentina and Maria from Russia), but have made Kings County their home.

All of the artwork is thought, processed, brought to life and sold exclusively by the couple on their website and at various markets, including our Union Square Holiday Market. We recently caught up with Mariano and Maria to discuss their business, art and future endeavors.

1. We first encountered your work at our Union Square Holiday Market and were immediately impressed by the variety of New York sites depicted. Do you have a favorite neighborhood or landmark in NYC? Or is the city big enough to provide endless inspiration?

The city is definitely a big part of the inspiration, with most of its icons like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building or the Washington Square Arch located in Manhattan; but we try to go beyond the obvious and include our favorite part of New York, which is Brooklyn; this is where we capture the other, not-so-mainstream scenes where things like brownstones, deli corners, water tanks and traffic signs.

2. You mix up media – silkscreen, spray paint, photography, collage. Is this the natural result of the work coming from more than one artist, or a conscious choice?

It is definitely a conscious choice. The reason of mixing up media, such as spray paint, silkscreen, photography, paste-ups, stencils, etc. is try to place a small part of the city in each canvas and show the beauty of the streets we go up and down every day.

3. What do you like most about selling your work in outdoor markets?

We love the exposure the outdoor markets give us, the energy of the people as well as all the opportunities that come along.

4. What’s next for the Raw Art?

As for now, there are a couple of big projects going on. Keep your eyes open when you walk around New York. And not only. In the nearest future we are also gonna be in Las Vegas, Miami, Barcelona, Melbourne, Moscow… We’ll keep you posted through the website


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