UrbanSpace Meatpacking Shopping

UrbanSpace Meatpacking is located at the corner of 13th and Washington Streets, in the heart of the Meatpacking District. Picturesquely situated under The Highline, and sandwiched between The Standard Hotel and the Diane Von Furstenberg store, UrbanSpace Meatpacking showcases cutting edge fashion and food.



Location: 860 Washington Street at 13th Street

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-10pm

Nearest trains: A/C/E/L to 14th St and 8th Ave

Rooted in architectural shapes, luxury fabrics and functionality, New Form Perspective is a brand of timeless knitwear, adaptable to all types of fashion aficionados. Founder and designer Gail Travis started NFP after working for high-fashion brands such as Calvin Klein and Vera Wang. Featured in Time Out New York, on NBC, and in Société Perrier, Travis has established herself as a stable source for luxury basics.


Humble Chic is a finely curated online boutique, founded by Daniella Baider Berkson, a former network television producer, native New Yorker and fashion lover. Berkson purchases a small number of each item, from dresses and swimwear to accessories, to ensure that customers are getting unique pieces. Recognized by Time Out New York and featured on WPIX 11 news, Humble Chic is at the forefront of e-commerce.


 Hand crafted in the heart of Manhattan, Edward Owl is one of a kind. Drawing inspiration from each unique gemstone, the pieces feature lustrous red and golden quartz, tourmaline quartz, sparkling smoky and green-gold quartz, citrine and topaz. As a counterpoint, traditional hand granulation and vintage marcasite are freely integrated into the design aesthetic. Edward Owl offers heirloom quality statement jewelry to women of all ages, including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and bridal pieces.


Rifle + Radford presents an array of unique, high-quality jewels. The designer works with natural stones to create necklaces, earrings and rings adorned with labradorite, jasper, rubies, citrine, turquoise, malachite and amethyst. Each stone is carefully selected and handcrafted with close attention to detail and quality.


Natasha Spedalle, known for her best-selling sense of jewelry design, started Wink & Flip in 2004. In 2005, she was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and Youngest Accessories Entrepreneur in Accessories Magazine’s Best of 2005 issue. Her story has appeared in every major New York City newspaper, as well as national business magazines. Natasha curates her line of jewelry to speak to her wide fan base of women of all ages and realms of life.


 Desideri Design is a handmade jewelry line by Italian designer Claudia Desideri. Using fresh water pearls, natural stones and Swarovski crystals, Desideri produces organic pieces with a futuristic vibe. Featured multiple times in Lucky Magazine, Domino and Lucire, Desideri has been noticed by top stylists and editors.


 Andean Collection brings great fashion forward designs, while creating a greener planet, and providing a path out of poverty for artisans using fair trade principles. Andean Collection was founded to bring sustainable change to impoverished communities in South America. We use both bright colors and soft hues, and combine natural materials with rustic metals. Our look integrates these worlds and the results are inspired designs that fuse the urban with the rural; the natural with the modern.


 Atlantis Jewelry is a New York based family jewelry design and production company started in 1996 by Arakel and Arsham Bekarian, two brothers with a combined 40+ years of master craftsman expertise in jewelry making. Long appreciated in the independent designer scene as “the Designers’ Jewelers,” Arakel and Arsham are excited about the mainstream’s warm reception of them. They are inspired by the free exchange of style ideas between designers and customers in the independent markets. The brothers hand-make every piece, ensuring excellent craftsmanship.

INSIDERS1 is a bag and accessories line featuring original photography of New York, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Each INSIDERS1 piece features a digitally customized image, from the point of view of a local who is intimate with the city featured, an insider. These provocative images are hand-printed on the finest leather to create a fantastic effect that is permanent and designed to age beautifully. All INSIDERS1 products are made at our Brooklyn Navy Yard factory in New York City.


Jeanne has been designing gold, sterling and fine silver jewelry for over seven years. Hand-crafted from raw materials into finely polished works of art, these unique creations are inspired by nature and movement. The Kinetic collection features multiple outer bands that rotate around one larger inner band. The Signature Designs and Birds Nest Collections are all sterling silver and gold wire, wrapped and heated sporadically to create a twig-like look. All textured pieces are created using random materials like lace and ribbon, transferring their textures on the metal using a rolling mill, hammers and files.


Barbara Wilkinson is an artisan and jewelry designer born and raised in New York City. Inspired by her fine arts background, as well as her time in Southeast Asia, Barbara combines the excellent quality and brilliant color of Indian gemstones with sterling silver and gold vermeil charms and pendants handcrafted in Thailand and Indonesia. Barbara’s eye for color and attention to detail has become the foundation of her delicate designs, all made in her NYC studio.


 Susan Bellero has a rich family background in artistry. Of Italian heritage, she learned to sew and paint at an early age. She went on to receive a degree in Marketing with minors in French and Design, and studied abroad in France. During her time abroad she developed a love of textiles, and went on to travel through the Middle East, Northern Africa and the Far East to source different materials. After her travels she returned to NYC and studied at FIT, then worked for a menswear designer for several years. Her accessory business came to fruition in 2005, influenced by her love of exotic textiles and rich family background.

 Bora Jewelry of Brooklyn was started by two brothers in a New York studio. The collection showcases handcrafted rings, bold cuffs, pendants and earrings. The brothers draw on Mediterranean influences, balancing bold materials with delicate technique. Materials used include semi-precious and precious stones set in oxidized sterling silver with gold or bronze accents. The duo also makes handcrafted genuine leather journals, which make wonderful men’s gifts.

Try Me By Moon is a leading fashion clothing line for women of all ages, offering sophisticated, chic designs that are of the moment. The brand uses 100% Italian fabrics and produces all designs in Korea. In addition to women’s apparel, Try Me By Moon also offers handmade jewelry, handbags, scarves, belts and shoes.

luvume is an organic, unprocessed bath and body care line, using natural ingredients and recyclable containers. They are known for their dead sea salt and sugar scrubs, made with completely natural and organic ingredients. The company started as a dream to bring more love, sweetness, beauty, joy and happiness into the world by supporting others, helping people feel good, taking care of the earth, and taking care of the future.


 Charm NYC hats are designed by the husband and wife team Ume and Nick Taylor. Their hats are created with “Made in New York City” in mind. They believe quality is important and they support local businesses when selecting their materials. Ume and Nick strive to provide the consumer with original designs, placing a strong emphasis on detail and craftsmanship. Their items are consistently creative in nature and indicative of their open-minded, artistic clientele.


 Ciaran Tully came to New York City from Dublin, Ireland in 1990. In the years since, Tully has come to appreciate, understand and love the soul of his adopted hometown. The beauty in his work is created by his use of soft and sharp focus, relaying tenderness and grittiness. There is an abstract painterly quality about the photographs that conveys a feeling of beauty and airiness that suggest his deep-seeded love for New York.


Corrente is an independently owned handbag label that prides itself on being small, genuine and conscientious. All of their handbags are made with high quality leather and materials which are sourced locally in Brooklyn. Corrente supports their community, fostering a sense of love, support and genuine quality. The brand’s philosophy is simple: they want their handbags to be loved and their customers to be happy.


 Damary’s Galeano is a stunning collection of handmade vintage jewelry made from one of a kind watches. The team is inspired by their customers, always looking to make fresh designs for creative individuals who don’t want to wear mass-produced pieces.

 DavikiNYC is a line of handcrafted jewelry with a distinctive, feminine panache aimed at trendy women who are looking for sophisticated accessories. DavikiNYC’s collection is unique and one of a kind, handcrafted by Kate and Yoon.

 Engage Green products are extensions of art. The company believes in quality – durable luxury, made to last and perform in all weather. Engage Green uses sustainable, recycled materials to conserve resources, minimize waste and protect the environment. They turn consumerism into something positive by engaging “The Green Cycle,” choosing the right material, creating a functional design and engaging environmentally conscious consumers.


 Fencing & Archery produces original and bizarre designs, executed through a variety of media including apparel, accessories and paper goods, all printed by hand.


 Based in NYC, GK Designs creates pieces that inspire their customers. Each original piece is handcrafted by the designer, Georgianna Koulianos. All of her pieces are made by hand, and available in sterling silver, 18k yellow or rose gold vermeil, and 14k or 18k gold upon request.

Sara Designs is a NYC based accessories line that embraces a colorful world view. The collection is influenced by Sara’s international background and global travels. She remains focused on using high-quality materials such as lush leather and fine crystals. The collection continues to receive world-wide praise from high-end department stores and boutiques.


 Hanami Real Flower Jewelry is made of real, natural flowers. Each flower is carefully selected for originality, color and shape. They are then dried, preserved and covered with several coats of resin to achieve a durable finish. The process for each flower can take up to one week. With proper care, the finished product lasts forever. It is nature that makes each piece of jewelry completely unique. No two pieces are ever the same.

 Karma Living’s exuberant home goods fearlessly unite bright hues and cheery floral patterns. The company derives its inspiration from the Far East, using lotus leaf motifs, suzani prints and ornate embroidery on pillows, footstools, table runners and throw blankets. The entire collection is designed to be mixed and matched, allowing the individual to pull from their own creative vision.

 KiraKira by Suzanne Somersall is a fashion jewelry line with a modern influence. Its inspiration comes from the nature and architecture of exotic places around the world. The line features gold plated, sterling silver and black rhodium necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.


 KT Collection combines New York street style with timeless gold and silver designs to create pieces that are classic yet edgy. The jewelry is influenced by designer Katie Thompson’s travels through India, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and South America. KT Collection sells in locations all over New York City.


 The Paz Collective is a sterling silver jewelry company based in New York City. They represent the best of the contemporary Mexican and Indian designers as well as create their own collections, the latest of which features pieces studded with semi-precious stones from India. All the jewelry is hand-made in their workshops in Taxco, Mexico and Jaipur, India. Their pieces are unique, fashionable, well-priced and well-made.


 La Savonnerie offers the best skin care products made in Marseille, South of France. Savon de Marseille has been known for centuries to be the best soap for all types of skin. The purity and gentle moisturizing properties make them ideal for sensitive skin and for this reason, they are recommended by dermatologists all over the world.

Line Posters offers prints celebrating the world’s mass transit lines, which have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Made in an array of colors, the company’s clean posters are handmade in Brooklyn, and available in London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Sydney, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and of course, New York City.


 Loralin Design was started by Lynne Buchman, inspired by her nephews. Using innovative color combinations and simple designs, Lynn makes organic onesies, crochet tees, silver rattles, wrap outfits, baby journals, and visitor/sitter books.

 Lungta Handicraft offers Himalayan art and accessories, using antique and modern materials. They have a diverse collection of authentic handmade products from Bhutan such as jewelry, textiles from the origin of weaving, Trashigang, and wooden masks. Textiles are made of all varieties of raw materials from Eastern Bhutan, using clean patterns and designs. Lungta has a large selection of bags, Kira (National Dress of Women), Gho, tablecloths and more.

 Milly & Earl sells unique accessories, apparel and home decor for men and women, sourced locally from Brooklyn designers and other small businesses around the globe. All pieces are handpicked, and inspired by vintage designs not commonly found in the mainstream retail market. The company is dedicated to providing customers with excellent service in a visibly open, relaxing and highly curated shopping environment.


We See Stars is a contemporary jewelry line that incorporates shape and texture in classic forms. Most of the designs are hand-made, carved in wax, and then cast in metal. The designer also incorporates reclaimed vintage elements to recreate a new look that is constantly moving forward, while at the same time looking back. The most recent line is a reflection of the designer’s visual obsession with the simplistic geometry of the Bauhaus school, Aztec patterns and Navajo sand paintings. Launched in early 2011, We See Stars is hand-made in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

 Nanako is a line of exceptionally well-made clothing for all ages and types of women. The designer offers free-flowing dresses and stylish accessories. The selection is constantly changing to match current trends and timeless styles that women always go back to. Nanako Miller has been creating amazing pieces for over four years in Japan and the United States.


Nancy Edwards Jewelry is designed and created by Nancy in her Brooklyn studio. The collection reflects her desire to merge ancient and urban styles, illuminating and transforming darker elements of the two realms. The melding of these styles in her jewelry results in eclectic, other-worldly pieces.


Pageant Print Shop offers access to items that were once only found by patient book hunters and savvy print seekers. They will help you find the perfect print to decorate your home, the perfect map for your office, or the perfect book. Dedicated to providing extinct books and prints, this company is extremely valuable.


 PASTE’s graphic tees, designed by artist Jason Laurits, are hand-silkscreene in Brooklyn, New York. Artwork is printed on 100% cotton tees, made in the USA and enzyme-washed to battle shrinkage and create a vintage-soft feel. Through a digital medium, Laurits copies, cuts and pastes over and over again to create bold and whimsical collages PASTE has become known for.


Prudence C Jewelry presents expert blending of gems and stones in the format of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The designer also makes lariats, which are long ropes of flowers, silk and crystals that can be worn around the neck to dress up an otherwise plain outfit. Prudence C sells at Anthropologie, exemplifying her expert design skill and keen eye.

Founded in 1991, Karma Kiss sells colorful, unique gifts and home décor items.

ROCKSTAR REVOLUTION creates original hand drawn and hand screened fine art prints and apparel.

The work of artist and owner Selen Bayrak is recognizable by its striking, bold and tasteful design; she works primarily in pewter and is inspired by the passion and skill of ancient meta smiths.