Urbanspace Garment District

Urbanspace Garment District showcases a diverse mix of original concepts from experienced chefs, as well as exciting new booths from talented up-and-coming food entrepreneurs along one of New York City’s most lively thoroughfares.


2017 Spring Market | June 6 – July 19th

2017 Fall Market | September 18th – October 27th


Broadway, from 37th to 38th Street.




Fall 2016 Garment District Vendors

Meatball Obsession

Meatball Obsession is the #1 ranked meatball in New York City. Our roots go back to founder Dan Mancini’s grandmother when she came through Ellis Island with a steamer trunk and a heart full of recipes from Bari, Italy. As a young boy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Dan would sit at the kitchen counter helping his grandmother prepare all her family recipes. Our authentic meatballs are made from 8 all-natural ingredients (no junk…Grandma won’t allow it!), slow cooked to perfection in a sauce that’s been generations in the making.


Coney Shack

Coney Shack Southeast Asian Tacos started out in 2012 as a food cart from the deep corners of Brooklyn. With the success of a concept that Coney Island had never seen before, and the rising popularity of Southeast Asian inspired tacos, Coney Shack launched their Manhattan food truck in early 2015. Since then, Coney Shack has taken home the coveted Rookie of the Year prize at the 2015 Vendy Awards, and topped Yelp’s list as the #1 rated food establishment in Brooklyn, 2015.


Kaya NYC

Kaya is an established NYC street vendor specializing in Taiwanese snacks, and the signature Taiwanese-style burger “gua bao” – a white, fluffy steamed bun served with a variety of meat options.  Kaya was honored as a finalist for Rookie of the Year at the 2015 Vendy Awards.


Zai Lai Chinese Grille

Zai Lai Chinese Grille uses fresh ingredients to serve healthy American-Chinese food.  We’re strongly influenced by tradition, with a modern emphasis on sustainability. We pair generations-old Chinese recipes with humanely-raised meats and produce from local and organic farmers. Our dedication to quality ingredients makes for good food without the need for excessive oil or any MSG.


Delicatessen Taco

Delicatessen Taco is the little sister of Macondo Taperia Latina. A tribute to the classic NY Deli meeting the Taco Culture of our city, and roots, Delicatessen Taco features a menu of in-house smoked & roasted meats, accompanied by bold flavors of cilantro, salsa verde, chipotle, and smoked pickled jalapeño. And don’t miss their one of a kind Michelada Bar as well – it’s the perfect refreshment with a nice, smokey taco.


Melt Bakery

Melt Bakery’s mission is simple: to create delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches and deliver a great customer experience. Sourcing as locally and sustainably as possible, Melt features classic and approachable ice cream sandwich choices, a rotating gluten- and dairy-free option, and seasonal flavors.


Hai Street Kitchen & Co

Hai Street Kitchen & Co. makes Japanese-inspired sushi burritos for the hungry, health-conscious, and adventurous diner. At Hai Street Kitchen & Co you’ll find fresh, all-natural ingredients carefully rolled into a Nori wrap. These bold, fun and flavorful handheld sushi burritos are great on the go and perfect for lunch or dinner. It’s always a great day to #GetHai


Frida’s Favorites

Frida’s Favorites is a new traditional Mexican concept serving “Traditional Mexican Soul Food.” New York’s multicultural core makes it the food capital of the world, and Frida’s Favorites celebrates that eclectic energy of different cultures coming together though food. You won’t find a melting pot here, but you will find some of the best Mexican cuisine in the city.


Domo Taco

Domo Taco is a cross cultural taqueria concept that brings pan-Asian flavors in delicious and inventive ways to traditional Mexican fare. What started out as a single taco truck has become one of New York’s hottest new taquerias. Now in its fourth year as a food truck and second season working with Urbanspace, Domo Taco seeks to bring smiles to hungry lunchers with delicious food and a warm staff.


mmm Enfes Turkish Food

mmm Enfes serves Turkish street food–savory stuffed pastries and traditional sweets–in the heart of New York’s Garment District. It’s appropriately named: “mmm…enfes” translates to “mmm…delicious” in English.


Jicama “California Street Food”

Jicama has created its own unique style of cuisine: “California Street Food”. They serve beautiful farm inspired salads, tacos and tamales that rejuvenate and invigorate. Jicama appeals to those who love the beauty and brightness of healthy food.


Bangkok B.A.R.

Bangkok B.A.R “Born And Raised” is all about cooking original family recipes just as if you were dining with the owners at their dinner table in Thailand. The flavors are bold yet harmonious, using traditional ingredients and techniques that bring you a piece of BKK in NYC.


La Sonrisa Empanadas

La Sonrisa Empanadas offers vegetarian, beef, chicken and pulled pork empanadas, made with only the best ingredients and authentic recipes.


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