Columbus Circle Holiday Market

The Columbus Circle Holiday Market is internationally known as one of the most elegant and beautiful places for holiday shopping. Located at the entrance to Central Park, at 59th street and Central Park West, visitors lose themselves in glittering aisles of art, jewelry, home goods and delicious eats from local artisans and designers. Now in it’s 15th year, the market is the perfect place to do all your holiday shopping while soaking in the splendor of winter in New York City.


2017 Holiday Market | November 28th – December 24th


Columbus Circle, 59th Street and Central Park West





Come Shop For

  • Handmade wooden puzzles
  •  Artisan chocolates and truffles
  •  Home accessories from local makers
  •  Jewelry from up-and-coming designers
  •  Clothing and accessories for men, women and children
  • Food and Drink

The Artisan Pledge

Look for our Artisan Pledge symbols to shop socially-conscious goods. 

1. 100% Handmade

2. Made in NY

3. Made in USA

4. Made from recycled, reused, or vintage items.

5. Organic Certified

6. Fairtrade Certified

7. Local Store

8. Local Farmer

2016 Vendor Lineup

Yania Creations Jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry using precious and semiprecious gems, and fine metals. Work with geodes and organic minerals from South American caves to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.
Yania Creations Jewelry specializes in the highest quality gemstones sourced and handpicked in India and manufactured 100% just steps away from NYC by Yania and her husband, Hansel.

Wildflower + Co.

Wildflower + Co. designed an extensive assortment of high quality DIY products focused on 3 areas: Jewelry (charms, chains, findings +), Papercraft (especially graphic stamps) & Embroidered Patches ready to be made into customer’s own unique designs or to personalize what they already own!

A focal point of our market setup is the DIY Charm Bar where customers can build personalized jewelry & even stamp their own messages on the card – perfect for gift giving! Our patches are also a popular & inexpensive stocking stuffer!

Vernakular Photo Designs

13 years ago Vernakular was born. I sold my first photo-based t-shirt, designed and made in my East Village apartment, at a designer market on Mulberry Street. We started with t-shirts, then later came stationery products, metal prints, and leather accessories, such as wallets, cardholders, passport holders, and luggage tags. Now, we have doormats with photos of manhole covers from around the world. And even though we have created a diversified line of products over the years, our main focus remains showcasing the work of independent photographers.

The Garlic Grater

Artisan’s of Seville is our hand-made wonderful line of Spanish pottery. All products are hand-made, hand-painted and triple glazed. The theme of these wonderful products is the garlic plant. This item is sold in every major holiday marketplace, including Nutcracker Christmas in Texas.

Un Pueblo

Un Pueblo’s mission is to enrich the quality of life of artisans while respecting the traditions handed down through generations. We are a family business devoted to the creation of opportunity and prosperity. We stand by the quality of all of our handmade Mexican art pieces, and we are certain that you will appreciate their outstanding beauty as we do.

The Hartmont Candle Company

100 % handmade soy wax candles with wooden wicks that crackle as they burn. I buy the soy wax and my oils from US companies. I hand paint each candle so each item design is unique and one of a kind. I hand blend our scents specifically for my company only so our scents are acutely accurate to their names and have an even truer scent throw in a room. I also make hand crafted novelty items for Christmas markets like snowmen bath bombs, loofah soaps, bubble bath cupcakes and burgers and sushi, rubber duck soaps and creatively scented lip balms. I have experience at the month long Vancouver German Christmas Market where my company has been a mainstay for the past 4 Christmas seasons. I have attended locally based farmer’s markets for 10 years as that is how my business started. I have a shop based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where we have sold successfully for the past 5 years and have had a shop at Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for 2 years. My products are all hand made in Canada (or wherever I am) and are very unique! We sell across Canada and the United States via our webpage and have customers from Europe and around the world who ship to friends at North American addresses, who in turn ship them on to them in places like Ireland and Australia because our products are so unique.

Stern Design Works

Stern design works is a STEM infused multidisciplinary design lab and fabrication studio based out of Redhook, Brooklyn. We draw inspiration from the intersections between art with science, technology, engineering, math, history and pop culture. Each piece we create is part of a constantly evolving universe of of thoughtfully designed and conscientiously produced diverse products.

Founded as a traditional metals studio in 2007, creating strictly metal smithed jewelry, our processes have branched out over time to include 3D printing, plant based resins, and model making techniques. Our products have also taken new forms. While jewelry makes up the majority of our collections, we have already released decorative ornaments into our, and that is just the beginning. We have just expanded our team and we are currently incubating greeting cards, enamel pins, art prints, garage kits, and art toys, with most slated for a fall 2016 launch.

Shalant Candles

Shalant candles is a small company located upstate NY. We design and hand craft each of our candles. Our candles are designed with decorative scenes set in an oil base, which gets illuminated by the burning candle in the center. We design our candles to be refilled and reused over and over.


Previously existing only in candles, sprays & diffusers, POTTYMINTS change the game in the fast-growing category of luxury home fragrance by introducing an innovative new delivery form: POTTYMINTS are the first water dissolvable fine fragrance that transforms the air with the effervescence of one pocket-sized tablet, activated when simply dropped in a freshly flushed toilet.

Peaceful Stone Lights

A heart-centered, woman owned business, Peaceful Stone Lights believes that by spreading serenity, we can can help make the world a better place for all.  This semi precious stone is a gentle amplifier of light. Rare and special, Luminite has been created by Mother Earth over millions of years and encourages focus, balance, and grounding. Its golden glow brings a spa-like tranquility to all environments.

Paz Sintes Textile Jewelry

Ultra light textile jewelry handmade in Brooklyn out of High End European embroideries, vintage laces and laser cut materials.  Based on the European tradition, these fashionably and modern crafted pieces are very versatile and look beautiful with both casual and dressy outfits.

The collection is inspired by the lightness and freedom of Fred Astaire’s dance, jazz music, retro- cinema, contemporary art and especially the luxuriousness of textiles. Light as a feather jewelry!

Paste + Jason Laurits

I started Paste to feature my original artwork. We mainly sell silkscreened prints and t-shirts, but also include gift items like stationary, playing cards, and our very in-demand rocks glasses. We use finer materials and productions based in the US for a quality-made product line.


OgoSport was founded in 2004 by a duo of accomplished designers from world-renowned school of design, the Pratt Institute. Our talented roster of creators formed the company to question the current direction of play, and these inquires have inspired us to seek new directions in product development.

NY Photo Designs / NY Ceramic Photo Tiles

Established in 2004, NY Photo Design sets out to create unique and functional pieces of art suitable for any space. I use proprietary blending technique to transform original photographs of New York City into beautiful ceramic tiles. They can be used as hanging art, coasters and trivets. and back splashes for bathrooms and kitchens.

My Vintage Christmas

Midori Styles Organic Bamboo

As more people embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle with products that reduce our carbon footprint, we also look for organic products that will enhance our quality of life. Midori Styles offers the finest bed sheets, organic towels , clothing and baby gifts made from sustainable and renewable bamboo. Bamboo towels are naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant. Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and breathable, great for people with sensitive skin. Bamboo bathrobes are super-absorbent and luxuriously soft. Bamboo clothing, leading the way for eco-fashion in the new decade, is the softest and most comfortable to wear day in and day out. With all the wonderful benefits that bamboo fabric has to offer, going green just got better.

Mel En Stel

mel en stel is the product of Ilse Eriksson’s Belgian sensibility and her adopted American culture. Drawn towards understated beauty and a utilitarian attitude, one will often notice both feminine and masculine lines in her styles.  Finding inspiration in the quality and beauty of Italian fabrics, her aim is to develop timeless yet modern styles that stand the test of time.
Ilse has drafted her own patterns since the beginning of mel en stel in 2002 and is still responsible for every aspect that goes into a garment, which is produced in NYC and NJ.
mel en stel has a brick and mortar store located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Marina Pecoraro Jewelry

Marina Pecoraro jewelry is a small family business. We are a team of husband and wife that make every piece of jewelry by hand in our studio. Our jewelry is made with semi precious stones, silk, gold filled and silver metals. We make long and short necklaces, variety of bracelets(gemstone, chain, chain/silk, skull), rings (stacking gold filled and silver and gemstone wired rings), earrings.

Magic on Glass

We customize on glass cup, lighters,dog tags and toy car.,the way we customize by free hand and engraving on item and we do that less then a minute.

Love Menu Art

America has a vast treasure trove of vintage menu art that few people have seen. Until we came along.

Our company ” rescues” these menus from long-shuttered restaurants, bars, nightclubs and diners and give them a modern twist as archival prints, posters, coasters, kitchen towels note cards and other great stuff.

We use the menu art from our own extensive collection and we also work with private menu collectors and with institutions such as The Culinary Institute of America to bring these great vintage images back to life.

We have menus dating from 1852 through to the 1970s from all over the US and around the world with a particular emphasis (for NYC markets) on vintage New York images from establishments such as Delmonico’s, Louis Sherry, The Stork Club, Hotel New Yorker and The Flatiron Restaurant.

We include a history of each particular establishment and a copy of the interior of the menu so each gift is an entertaining history lesson as well as a souvenir of America’s fabled history of dining out.

Love Hue Studios

Love Hue Studios specializes in making handmade repurposed functional artwork – each piece being truly one-of-a-kind. They take old vintage odds and ends that are destined for the rubbish bin and recombine them into sculptural, yet functional, products that people need and use on a daily basis.

Live Art on the Street

Liveartonthestreet is the company of two Argentina born-Brooklyn based brothers whose aim it to artistically represent new york city thru their original artwork. Every piece or work, done on canvas, is original and hand painted. All work is done on actual newspaper glued onto the canvas and water base paint. The use of stencils and silk screen is predominant in their work as well as paintings just done completely by hand. The use of newspaper has been a signature for their work, and its use keeps the work constantly changing and original all the time, since each piece is individually done and unique. Sizes range from six by twelve inches to twenty four by thirty six inches.

Lil’ New Yorker

The Lil New Yorker is a group of local artists/crafters/designers in the New York area specializing in handmade products for babies and kids.

Sara Designs

New York-based Sara Bar is the designer who can’t hold back her creativity. After establishing a watch brand, known for bold coloring and intricate details, her designs will now adorn your head. This year, she collaborates hand-to-hand with aboriginal Ecuadorian women on a unique hat collection, giving 800 year-old traditions a louder voice.

Her worldly inspiration has long been fueled by a desire to travel and embrace different cultures, which began during her childhood trips to Paris every summer. Today, Sara still gathers inspiration and materials during her world travels, but maintains production in her NYC design studio, surrounded by female artisans who share her desire for perfection.

Elke Van Dyke

Elke Van Dyke Design is handcrafted sterling silver, gold and mixed metal jewelry inspired from the symbiotic, beautiful and sometimes devastating relationship between nature and industry. Elegant, modern, and edgy, each design seeks to redefine the purpose of the “statement piece” by offering one-of-a-kind wearable art that tells the story of the organic relationship between nature and man.

La Belgique Gourmande

Our company aims to introduce the authentic experience of indulging one self in premium Belgium chocolates during the cold winter months. Creating a truly unique and authentic experience by using warm lights, historical furnitures to display our selection of chocolates to the consumer. Christmas being a festive and joyful holiday creates the perfect opportunity and occasion for all to enjoy and share such delights.

Kaya NYC

Established street vendor in NYC specializing Taiwanese snack, and our signature dishes are the Taiwanese style burgers called “gua bao”. Gua Bao is a white fluffy texture steamed bun with a variety of meat options. Kaya was nominated for the finalist of the rookie of the year 2015 in the Vendy Awards. We are also the Broadway Bites, Governor island and Hester Fair food vendors.


Justa Co. was established in 1983 and incorporated in Long Island City, New York. Owned by Janechai Sayananon. The company designed hand crafts porcelain clocks with numerals three dimensional. The unique numerals are made of hand made blow glass, sculpture clay of the wild life animals, and the Chinese zodiac signs. Each individual miniatures can also be use as home decoration delightfully at any setting.

Jolie’s Sweet Creations

A take on the CRONUT which we call Jolie’s Kronies and other nostolgia treats like yodels, twinkies, devil dogs, and snowballs along with a full Italian pastry line made for a sophisticated palette. We are a kosher certified bakery as well.

Hue Way Photo

Hue Way Photo presents the serene, and to a degree, surreal moments of our lives and environment from corners of Central Park, to the river fishing boats of China.

Heimat Berlin

We are the German holiday stars from Berlin. Our stars are designed in Berlin and made with meticulus attention and by hand. We have been able to expand and improve our collection over the years to include a selection of over 100 models and we can now confidently say that we can offer every customer the perfect star.

Heimat Berlin was founded 1997 by Sebastian Mücke, who used to live in Hells Kitchen in New York for 2 years.We design and develop new stars every new holiday season. In 2016 we are proud to present the first six pointer paper star named “berlin for the world”.  Through their warm, Christmassy light, the stars create the perfect atmosphere in every home and are the perfect holiday decoration. Handcraft as its best: all handmade, unique and beautiful.

EyePorters & Friends

The EyePorters & Friends is a collection of eyewear, jewelry and accessories incorporating the elements of nature divided into their own brands.


Handmade ornaments and gifts. Designed in Brooklyn and made with love and joy in Kyrgyzstan. Join the Adventure.

Cliff NYC

CLIFF NYC launched in 2011 with a line of Reversible Cork Belts hand made from sustainably harvested tree bark. Since then, we’ve expanded our assortment to include all forms of bags, wallets, purses and accessories. As a vegan brand, we bring an urban style to a natural product, taking care to produce cruelty free, socially conscious, and well-crafted products for the stylish customer. We don’t think you have to sacrifice good looks for good values, which is why we use fair trade and environmentally friendly materials in the construction of all our products.

Chopstick Art

Our products are made from recycled bamboo chopsticks.

Bryan started this business in 2003 while studying Chinese in Southern China. He was struck by the large amount of single use bamboo chopsticks that were thrown out every day and decided to try to figure out a way to re-purpose the chopsticks. After more than a year of investigating ways to collect, sanitize and color the chopsticks as well as doing the initial designs, Chopstick Art was born.

We focus on making functional art that also starts dialogue about the importance of recycling and re-using what we already have.

To date we have successfully reclaimed over 3 million bamboo chopsticks and turned them into art!

Chew’s Happiness

We are a special company and social enterprise. We bring unique, artisanal fashion to America’s dogs and their moms, spreading Happiness across people, their dogs, and the planet.

By taking a holistic approach, we aspire to create a never-ending Happiness Cycle. This philosophy describes how we enable all those we are involved with to choose Happiness. The Cycle includes Happy Dogs, who have access to our incredible creations, Happy Doggie Parents, who can feel good about the quality and sustainability of our products, Happy Herders and Artisans who are able to maintain traditional lifestyles high up in the Himalayas, Happy Yaks, who can maintain their semi-wild lifestyles, and a Happy Planet that ultimately benefits from our environmental consciousness.

Made from cruelty-free yak down that’s luxuriously soft, silky and warmer and much more sustainable than cashmere, our stunning, fairly traded Happiness Hugs™ fashion collectables for dogs and their moms are consciously handcrafted by women artisans from Bhutan to Boulder, Colorado, sustainably supporting indigenous peoples, artists and traditional lifestyles.

Yak down is naturally shed and is one of the warmest natural fibers. Unlike cashmere, which is causing massive desertification due to overgrazing of huge herds of cashmere goats, yak down is a sustainable fiber.

Our fairly traded fashion is uniquely designed to spread Happiness vibes from Bhutan, the Land of Happiness. Each piece features traditional Bhutanese motifs with distinct spiritual meanings that celebrate the connection between you, your dog, and the planet.

Boneyard Pets

Boneyard Pets are a line of educational and eco-friendly children’s toys that focus on dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures. All design, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping is done from our Brooklyn workshop. ALL of our product material is 100% sourced from within the USA and is made out of recycled and/or recyclable material.

Boil Boil Ramen

Boil Boil Ramen is a new concept of ramen shop. We believe that a great bowl of ramen should be enjoyed everywhere without limit, without sacrificing the deliciousness and texture.
Boil Boil ramen’s nutrient dense and delicious pork broth is made from bones, fat and marrow of pork that leaves a sticky sheen of gelatin gloss on your lips as you devour them. We carefully pair the ingredients and create a recipe that not the only the bones, but also fats, collagen and marrows are used to make the broth gelatinous and give it its depth in flavor. Every drop of the the ramen soup have been simmered for over 12 hours. A flavorful broth with the traditional Miso, Shoyu and Tonkotsu base, making a perfectly balanced ramen.

Bee Raw

Bee Raw thrives on the belief that what tastes good can also be good for you and good for the planet, and that small indulgences should be enjoyed daily.


BarkShop, from the makers of BarkBox, launched two years ago in New York, NY and is built around two basic beliefs: all dogs are unique and all dogs deserve to be healthy and happy.
We thoroughly test each of our products in-house (i.e. our dogs have the best job ever and also happen to be our models). Every pup is different, if a loved one turns up their nose, we’ll keep sending replacements until their tail is wagging. Dogs are picky, and so are we. If we can’t find what we’re looking for – we’ll make it ourselves!

BarkShop offers a variety of products designed by a team of puppy-pleasing perfectionists labeled
Bark & Co. These include experiences humans and dogs can do together: Destroyers Club, Treat Sampler and BarkBox.

All treats and chews are all natural, made in the USA and Canada. No fillers, wheat, corn or soy. We offer best in class customer experience based on what we’ve learned from shipping 25 million products to date to BarkShop and BarkBox customers. BarkShop: For Dogs (and dog people).

AU Collection

Andrej Urem contemporary candle collection is in many prestige gift shops like: MoMA Stores, The Philip Johnson Glass House, The Noguchi Museum, Shinola Detroit, Bongenie Grieder – Switzerland, Line Collection – Japan…
All Candles are handcrafted in Brooklyn using 100% organic soy wax and beeswax.

The sculptural candle is a livable art piece, with a form that evolves with use. Designer Andrej Urem employed 3D technology and computer simulation, as well as traditional methods of casting, to create this ethereal, yet architectural accent. Made with a blend of natural eco soy and beeswax, the flame burns a cylinder inside the core in such a way as to leave the sides of the candle to remain intact, transparent, and illuminated. The candle can also be used to hold a small tee light when its burn time is spent. Lead-free cotton wick. Burn time is 60 hours (medium size). Made in Brooklyn, NY.

Aldina Collection

Pop Chart Lab

In 2010, a book editor and a graphic designer joined forces with one modest goal: to render all of human experience in chart form. Printed on posters, t-shirts and home goods, they are known for their infographical treatments of the varieties of beer, the full array of culinary tools, a taxonomy of hip-hop, and dozens more mappings of cultural touchstones.

Virginie Millefiori

Virginie Millefiori is handcrafted jewelry for whimsical people with an eye for detail and a taste for the unexpected.

Kubiya Games

Kubiya Games is a Brooklyn based company specializing in handmade wooden brainteaser puzzles and games, offering a unique selection of evironmentally-friendly games and puzzles from different time periods and cultures across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Games vary in difficulty for kids and adults.

La Sonrisa Empanadas

La Sonrisa Empanadas offers vegetarian, beef, chicken and pulled pork empanadas, made with only the best ingredients and authentic recipes.


A one-of-a-kind, fun and funky, unique winter apparel brand that brings an enthusiastic and entertaining quality to all things winter apparel. Pook spreads love with warmth.

Dr. Silkman’s Handmade Body Emporium

Dr. Sofskin’s Handmade Body Emporium sells body lotion candles as well as skin care products made of organic, wild crafted ingredients with recycled packaging.

Kashmir Moon

Handmade decorative and wearable art as well as carpets and home accessories.

ProPueblo / Bertha Heidi

ProPueblo is an Ecuadorian Fair Trade foundation that supports local artisans who create little figurines, ornaments, and jewelry out of a palm tree nut called Tagua.

I Am Here Brooklyn

I Am Here Brooklyn is a collaboration between Faune Yerby and Rebecca Fogle of Ever + Ever for a beautiful line of jewelry and art pieces.

Ink & Block

Hand block printed clothing and furnishings.

Urbansapce Information Booth

Find out more about the market, vendors, product selections and Urbanspace at our market information booth.


Leckerlee makes lebkuchen (a traditional German gingerbread) by hand in NYC.

The Mosaic Collection

The Mosaic Collection offers colorful, handcrafted mosaic glass and shell items including a popular line of handbags and clutches, home furnishings and unique gift items.

Real Life Inspired Planes

Ornament planes that hang from the ceiling by a Colombian artist from Bogota.


Windhorse is committed to offering authentic Fair Trade products. All of their products are traditionally hand-crafted with slight irregulations in color and stitch which add unique character to these beautiful goods, created with care in the Himalayan region of Nepal.

Three Tarts NYC

We bring together two sweet things – masterfully crafted, bite-sized desserts made from the finest ingredients and an eclectic, handpicked selection of giftware for the home.

Olana NY

Beautiful silkscreen New York themed artwork.


Avalove designs hand-printed clothing, consisting of old and new prints and created in limited edition.

Silly Puppets

Silly Puppets sells puppets of various designs and sizes such as finger puppets, hand puppets, full body puppets and professional performance puppets.

Peter Charles

Peter Charles offers handmade scarves and shawls for men and women. We are very proud to state that our products are all “Made in the USA” and crafted from the finest quality velvets, silks, wools, and other luxurious fibers.

Paul Aude Designs

Paul Aude offers handmade leather bags designed with unique characteristics.

Scarf Maniac

Scarf Maniac is a family company specializing in ladies accessories.

Spices and Tease

Spices and Tease offers a variety of homemade spices, peppers, seeds, herbs and imported teas.

Pozie Poems

Pozie Poems offers spray painted hanging poems with positive messages.

Home of Polish Pottery

Home of Polish Pottery where you can find exclusive Polish pottery designs from Eva’s collection designer EWA Arreola, and the traditional and unikat stoneware pieces direct from Boleslawiec, Poland.  Hand crafted and lead free, strong enough for everyday use but oh so decorative!  website:


Sabyloo offers original dog-themed art, presented on fun hand-crafted pendants, paperweights, coasters, T-shirts, totes, and novelty socks.

Santa’s Pen

Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii by Karen Sotomura, Santa’s Pen offers personalized Christmas ornaments featuring babies, families, pets and other themes.

Zohara Art On Tights

Zohara Art On Tights offers tights with unique patterns and designs.


TribalHome offers handmade oriental rugs and kilims, iznik, handpainted ceramic, home furnishing and gift items, as well as originally designed upholstered furniture.

Wafels & Dinges

Wafels & Dinges has conquered the hearts, smiles and appetites of New Yorkers with its bright yellow waffle-trucks and dangerously delicious Liege-style wafels and their accompanying toppings (a.k.a. dinges).

Macaron Parlour

Founded in 2010 by Christina Ha and Simon Tung, Macaron Parlour offers a wide array of delicious macarons. Their flavor offerings range from the traditional (Red Velvet) to the crazy and creative (Cheetos).

Eye Think Inc.

Eye Think Inc. sells optically animated artwork designed and invented by Rufus Butler Seder.

Lotus Skin Care

Lotus Natural Beauty offers products ranging from anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream to repairing skin care solutions.

Breezy Hill Orchard

For the past 25 years, Elizabeth Ryan has owned and operated Breezy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill in Hudson Valley, NY growing more than 100 varieties of apples and other fruits while remaining dedicated to quality ingredients, environmental stewardship, fair labor, and support of local economy.

HomArt NYC

Inspired by California living and architecture, HomArt® presents a collection of hand-finished home accessories forging a contemporary link with California’s romantic past.


Individally designed and created by Kenneth Kudulis, Jr., kudu-lah offers fun and affordable New York-inspired art featuring critters.

Floga New York

Floga sells sells fur and leather accessories such as: gloves, scarves, hats, slippers, headbands, ear muffs, vests and more.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business is a family-run product design studio that aims to create practical, durable original products that meet everyday needs and provide original alternatives for gifts.

Mistura Timepieces

Mistura offers unique and contemporary wooden watches.

Field Trip Jerky

A traditional cut of jerky, done right. Let us return to the times when jerky was dried and seasoned with natural ingredients and without artificial preservatives or sodium nitrates.

Natural OliveWood

Natural OliveWood handcrafts olive wood pieces which possess unique characteristics, color and style.

Pamela Barsky

Pamela Barsky sells pouches and charms that have catchy statements printed on them, often about New York, cosmetics, love and art.

Modern Tibet

Modern Tibet offers Tibetan silver jewelry and handicrafts that are handmade in Tibet, Nepal and India by local craftsmen.


NYCruets offers handmade cruets, or ornamental oil and vinegar dispensers, from Hungary.

Nirvanna Designs

Nirvanna Designs sells accessories and bags, most notably wool animal hats and mittens from contributors in Nepal, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

No Chewing Allowed!

No Chewing Allowed! offers French truffles and hot chocolate that are made in France from a traditional recipe passed on from generation to generation.

United Leather

Stop by United Leather to peruse wall-to-wall options of simple, sturdy 100% genuine leather accessories that will stand the test of time.


Urbanrose offers handmade wearable art jewelry. Urbanrose jewelry has beauty and a touch of whimsy, combining classic elegance with cutting edge digital & media technology.

Nomi Network

Nomi Network sells bags and accessories that are handmade by survivors and women at risk of human trafficking in Cambodia and India.

Nio – Dead Sea

Nio offers bath and body products that are made from the mineral-rich Dead Sea waters and mud.

Hot Hugs

Hot Hugs are cuddly stuffed animals that are microwave safe, with a scent of lavender and camomile that provides warmth and comfort throughout the night.

Padhma Knits

Empowering women one stitch at a time. Raising money from knitted accessories for women and children to fight trafficking and domestic violence.

Saskia De Vries Designs

Saskia de Vries Designs is a boutique jewelry design company specializing in unique pieces assembled from materials collected in their travels around the world. With elements from Africa, Asia and beyond, each piece is wearable art with an international flair.

Riverstone Jewelry

Riverstone Jewelry offers unique jewelry inspired from backpacking, anthropology and a medical background.

Bellero Design

New York based Italian American designer Susan Bellero creates unique, handmade women’s accessories and select furnishings for your home using mostly vintage and repurposed imported textiles.

Avigail Adam Jewelry

Jewelry designs inspired by Avigail Adam’s worldly travels as well as her studies of ancient culture. Other inspirations come from mythology and fairy tales.

Goddess Godette

Based in New York City and specializing in the luxury of Alpaca and Baby Alpaca clothes and accessories, also known as “Peruvian Cashmere.” No animals are harmed in the process.

Naturally Susan’s

“Be Kind to Your Body” …this is the philosophy behind Naturally Susan’s bath and body products. Products made with natural ingredients so that you can enjoy nature’s beauty, because what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it.

Raaka Chocolate

Raaka Chocolate makes organic, bean-to-bar chocolate in small batches in Brooklyn.

Centuries Clayworks

Carlos Silva of Centuries Clayworks creates original framed artwork featuring miniature, brightly-colored clay pots arranged in artful one-of-a-kind sequences.

CaraCruz Brooklyn

CaraCruz offers handmade glass beads, semiprecious stones, chains and charms, pendants made by artists Jimena and Tania.

Carolyn’s Christmas

Carolyn’s Christmas offers handcrafted ornaments from Ecuador, using old age methods and sculpted out of bread dough.

Charlito’s Cocina

Founded in 2011, Charlito’s Cocina aims to explore and utilize the rich gastronomic traditions used to preserve food prior to the days of refrigeration and freezers. Its charcuterie draws largely from the curing traditions of Spain, and utilizes 100% pasture raised, heritage breed pork.

Avesta & Co.

Avesta & Co. sells handmade, brass, nautical giftware and collectibles.

AC Agates

Andrew Clark is a metalsmith living and creating unusual, one-of-a-kind metal jewelry in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in copper, brass, stainless steel as well as silver and gold filled pieces.

Angie Colombo Jewelry & Design

Angie Colombo sells understated, tasteful jewelry inspired by nature and the world’s unconventional beauty.

DA Designs

Handmade jewelry specializing in real semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, and more.

AJS Design Studio

AJS Design Studio has been creating romantic and fashion forward fine silver and costume jewelry since 2004.  Their inspiration comes from great civilizations, including Roman, Ottoman, and Pre-Columbian.

J’s Jades

J’s Jades offers a line of handmade, natural jade jewelry. Pieces are all one of a kind, simple, and elegant.

Jewels by Atlantis

Atlantis Jewelry is a NYC-based family jewelry design and production company started in 1996 by Arakel and Arsham Bekarian, two brothers with a combined 40+ years of master craftsman expertise in jewelry-making.


GretaGem ornaments are a modern version of old world glass painting. Every piece you purchase is originally designed and hand painted by Greta Neunder in her studio in Brooklyn, NY. This year she will also be introducing handmade wall plaques and greeting cards with New York City themes and holiday designs.

Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow is a unique lifestyle brand for the home created in New York City by Rupal Bhinda. Originally beginning as an assortment of homemade soaps, Ebb & Flow has since expanded into a full line of opulent bath & home products that encourage taking a moment for oneself in style.

KJ Designs

KJ Designs is the work of jewelry designer Kim Kropf.

Daviki NY

Device NY is a line of handcrafted jewelry with a distinctive, feminine panache aimed at trendy women who admire unique and sophisticated accessories.


Punkster is rockin’ the wee world with its line of cute cheeky slogans on 100% Organic cotton “punksies.” The shirts have been featured in Parents Magazine, US Weekly, Pregnancy & Newborn, InStyle, People Magazine and others. Size 3-6m to 18-24m.

Yumi Jewelry

Over the past ten years, Yumi has greatly expanded her handmade jewelry collections. She currently offers over 500 unique designs, specializing in natural semi-precious stones, Venetian glass and Swarovski crystals.

Retro NY Metro

Made in Brooklyn, Retro NY Metro brings usable art to your table with their handmade, high quality coasters, placemats, and mouse pads, providing a glimpse into the past and enlivening your home.

Terry Ross

Terry Ross creates handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry, using wire wrapping as a means of expression. The pieces are dramatic and sculptural with organic configurations.

ViVi Sun Jewelry

ViVi Sun Jewely creates unique jewelry out of unconventional mixed mediums such as semi-precious stones, plastic beads, and glass marbles. Every piece is a wearable art.

Studio DuArte

New York based Brazilian designer Cristina Duarte Veronese creates handmade jewelry with unique geometrical designs in sterling silver and gold to produce jewelry that is original and timeless.

Enfes Turkish food

mmm Enfes serves Turkish street food–savory stuffed pastries and traditional sweets–in the heart of New York’s Garment District. It’s appropriately named: “mmm…enfes” translates to “mmm…delicious” in English.

Material Things

Material Things is a line of contemporary Asian textiles and fabric-based finished goods based on a modern, sophisticated aesthetic.

Murano Artisans

Murano Artisans’ wearable and tableware art has been crafted using age old traditions, producing a wide assortment of glass products to gift and share.


LinePosters is the collaboration of graphic designer, Cayla Ferari and mechanical engineer, John Breznicky.  They create modern, stylized interpretations of iconic city transit systems. Based in Brooklyn, NY.


Nanako is a unique, Japanese-inspired clothing line with a feminine flair.

Freebird Designs

Unique handmade jewelry by Erin Nelson using semi-precious stones and sterling and gold filled chains and components.

Eight Thousand Miles

Eight Thousand Miles is a children’s clothing brand that believes in a bohemian-chic design aesthetic. All of the clothing, bedding and accessories are either commissioned pieces sourced directly from various craftsmen and artists, or are handmade by underprivileged women who have been trained to sew by a non-profit organization based in Mumbai, India.


Art is our business and T-shirts are our canvas.

Domo Taco

Japan meets Mexico at this roving taco slinger where tempura and teriyaki fills the tortillas.

Casa Toscana

Casa Toscana was created by three gelato-loving friends in Tuscany, and brought stateside by a New York-dwelling Italian longing for a taste of home. The ingredients in its gelati are top-notch: the best Italian milk, pistachios from Bronte and peak-of-the-season fruits.

The Baking Bean

The Baking Bean is an oven-to-door online bakery specializing in hand-made, all-natural desserts and sweets — like raspberry-matcha sandwich cookies and black forest cakes — for delivery within NYC.

Czech Eggs

Hand-crafted, limited edition eggs that are a lost art unique to Eastern Europe. They are also known as Kraslice or Pysanky. Decorated eggs using a variety of techniques to create ornate and exquisite lace-like patterns.

Mier Luo Design

Mier’s inspiration comes from the natural world and her work mainly focuses on the cohesion between art and design and awareness of nature and sustainability in product design.

Marc Tetro

Marc Tetro is a contemporary pop artist well known for his simple and graphic art style and his dog imagery.

Just B Art

Founded by Beyjan Oz in 1991, Just B Art’s goal is to find the highest quality, unique stones to craft into beautiful, one of a kind jewelry.

La Savonnerie

La Savonnerie is a family business bringing you top quality soaps from Provence, as well as a huge variety of bath salts and skin care products. All of their products are made with natural ingredients and intended for all skin types.

Prudence C

Handcrafted jewelry made with crystals, natural stones and raw materials in an organic fashion. Whether it’s teardrop designs or tassel drops, these elegant and elaborate pieces are made for everyday celebrations.

Lungta Handicraft

Lungta Handicraft provides hand woven and spun scarves made out of cashmere, wool, and silk.

Elementem Photography

Elementem Photography works with the natural world’s wonder to offer photography and art prints that are accessible, inspirational, and affordable.

Earth’s Energy

The folks at Earth’s Energy have traveled to hand select fossils, minerals and crystals from all over the world. They aim to provide each customer with a unique experience by offering specimens to expand their collection, further their spiritual path or to simply connect back with nature.

Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly offers bath and body products used to pamper, delight and relax.

Lady Bug Fashion

Lady Bug Fashion offers lace scarves, crochet tops, and dresses, women’s apparel, and accessories.

Karma Nepal Crafts

Karma Nepal Crafts offers tabletop, home and novelty crafts.

Marc Bernstein New York

Marc Bernstein designs a one-of-a-kind leather accessories collection, combining leathers with mixed metals, semi-precious stones, and distinctive, unique hardware.

Sand And Water Creations In Glass

Sand and Water Creations in Glass creates enchanting hand-made functional glass art. Their products include a wide range of glassware, recycled glass items, and Judaica which make excellent holiday, wedding, corporate, and general occasion gifts.

The Truffleist

The Truffleist thrives to make the highest quality truffle products, using locally sourced ingredients. Everything is handmade in small batches in LIC, Queens. All truffles are carefully picked at the peak of ripeness for every product resulting is the finest truffle products available.

The Sisterhood of St. Elisabeth

The Sisterhood of St. Elisabeth was founded in 1996 in Minsk, Belarus. The nuns and sisters take care of children and adults with special needs, who are given the opportunity to work in the convent’s workshops (including icon painting studio, ceramics workshop, and more).

SM Wardrobe

SM Wardrobe is a fashion company focusing on collecting and creating unique and stylish women’s wear.

German Delights

German Delights – a family owned business for 10 years – is offering a large variety of authentic food specialties which are famous for the holiday time in Europe.

Three Bluebirds

Three Bluebirds offers dish cloths printed with water-based inks on raw materials.

Dulcinea Churros & Co.

Dulcinea brings the magic of Spanish and European pastries to the streets of New York. The booth will display traditional churreria production machinery. Staying true to the customs, Dulcinea serves their churros alongside thick hot chocolate.

Lucky Palm Tree

Luckypalmtree’s eco-friendly clothing and accessories for babies and kids are all lovingly hand-crafted out of 100% certified organic cotton fabrics and made in the USA.

Black Lamb BK

Paper collage and printed handmade greeting cards and stationary by Brooklyn based artist, Rachele Rouquié.