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The Battle to Save Smithfield Market — Success!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014


smithfield general market


*July 9, 2014: It’s official — Smithfield Market has been saved! And UrbanSpace founder Eric Reynolds has put forth proposals for a Covent Garden-style public market.

*Update! June 30, 2014: Lady Gaga gives a plug to the Smithfield salvation effort! Read the story here — a crowd of Lady Gaga lookalikes marched on Parliament to protest the destruction of the historic market (seriously) — and check out the action on Twitter at #SaveSmithfield

April, 2014: UrbanSpace in London is currently engaged in a high-profile battle to save the historic Smithfield Meat Market, a Victorian era landmark built in 1883, from a controversial £160m plan to scoop out the “innards” and insert blocks of modern shops and offices. The proposed plan would effectively destroy the interiors, leaving only the facade intact.

Despite the success of the public inquiry to save the Victorian era Smithfield Market, which came to a close on February 28th, the battle continues. Henderson Global Investors’ barrister is refusing Save Britain’s Heritage campaigners’ rival plans for the redevelopment of the Smithfield Market in London.

Henderson’s intention is to redevelop the derelict General Market buildings, which once sold meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, into an office building scheme with shops and restaurants. The $266 million plan would “mutilate” Smithfield’s interiors. Eric Reynolds, the founder of UrbanSpace Management, which is working with Save Britain, hopes to enable the spirit and fabric of the historic Smithfield Market buildings to be preserved. The alternative refurbishment plan would retain a significant amount more of the original architecture than Henderson’s plans.



Rebent Rebar Wins Big at AIA

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Rebar is typically relegated to a supporting role, serving as the backbone for countless structures around the globe. This brilliant composting structure in Edinburgh, Scotland, however, showcases the versatility of this oft-overlooked building material. The resulting basketweave is as beautiful as it is ingenious. The structure, designed by Groves-Raines Architects, was recently recognized with an award for Excellence in Design by AIA UK.

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Urban Space UK’s Container ‘Electric Hotel’

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

An entire hotel’s worth of drama will soon unfold for audiences all over England as the ‘Electric Hotel’ travels the country in May, June and July. The multi-level structure is assembled from repurposed and recycled shipping containers, and will be disassembled and shipped to the next location after each run. The performance itself is also all about breaking boundaries and new ground as theater goers trace the action from room to room, all the while eavesdropping with a set of headphones. For more info be sure to check out Container City and Fuel Theatre.