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The Battle to Save Smithfield Market — Success!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014


smithfield general market


*July 9, 2014: It’s official — Smithfield Market has been saved! And UrbanSpace founder Eric Reynolds has put forth proposals for a Covent Garden-style public market.

*Update! June 30, 2014: Lady Gaga gives a plug to the Smithfield salvation effort! Read the story here — a crowd of Lady Gaga lookalikes marched on Parliament to protest the destruction of the historic market (seriously) — and check out the action on Twitter at #SaveSmithfield

April, 2014: UrbanSpace in London is currently engaged in a high-profile battle to save the historic Smithfield Meat Market, a Victorian era landmark built in 1883, from a controversial £160m plan to scoop out the “innards” and insert blocks of modern shops and offices. The proposed plan would effectively destroy the interiors, leaving only the facade intact.

Despite the success of the public inquiry to save the Victorian era Smithfield Market, which came to a close on February 28th, the battle continues. Henderson Global Investors’ barrister is refusing Save Britain’s Heritage campaigners’ rival plans for the redevelopment of the Smithfield Market in London.

Henderson’s intention is to redevelop the derelict General Market buildings, which once sold meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, into an office building scheme with shops and restaurants. The $266 million plan would “mutilate” Smithfield’s interiors. Eric Reynolds, the founder of UrbanSpace Management, which is working with Save Britain, hopes to enable the spirit and fabric of the historic Smithfield Market buildings to be preserved. The alternative refurbishment plan would retain a significant amount more of the original architecture than Henderson’s plans.



Vendor Spotlight: Wink and Flip

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

If you’re anything like me, you’re completely obsessed with statement jewelry. Whether you’re the person wearing the brightly colored bib necklaces, collars or chandelier earrings, or simply admiring a friend, girlfriend or wife’s fab style, the pieces are equally eye-catching and chic. Pro tip: fun jewelry is also the easiest way to liven up an otherwise drab, neutral outfit.

The only problem? The vast majority of handmade, high-quality pieces cost a small fortune. So, what’s a young fashionista on a budget to do?

The answer is easy; visit Wink and Flip, an amazing, affordable jewelry vendor at the Union Square Holiday Market. Wink and Flip is the brainchild of Natasha Spedalle, a twenty-something young New Yorker who knows firsthand what her peers want and need. Natasha founded Wink and Flip nine years ago, and this is her first season at the Union Square Holiday Market. The line includes jewel tone bib necklaces, bold enamel statement pieces, chic rings, cuffs and eye-catching, dangly earrings.

Prices range from $20-$50, with some outstanding pieces at $100-$200.

Not only a talented craftswoman, Natasha is also a marketing innovator; this holiday season, she came up with the brilliant idea for a Holiday Gift Registry.

“It started when a young man came by our booth and asked us if we remembered the necklace that his girlfriend fell in love with when they stopped by a week earlier,” says Natasha. “Of course, we did not, and that’s when the registry was born.”

Natasha continues, “Now women can tell us what they’d love to receive for the holidays and we write down their favorites along with their names in our book. Once registered, women give their boyfriends (or sisters, parents, best friends) our business card and their loved ones come to the booth to purchase something they know each woman will love. Everybody’s happy!”

Planning to stop by Wink and Flip this holiday season? Feel free to peruse the list under “Rachel V” – gifts for this blogger are always welcome!

-The UrbanSpace Blog Squad





Superstorm Sandy

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

This week, I’m prouder than ever to be a native New Yorker.

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, I’ve watched friends, family and even perfect strangers band together to share food, water, electronics, cabs, gas, blankets, coats, candles… you name it.

When you live in New York City for an extended period of time, it’s easy to slip through your daily life with your iPod earphones in, insulated from your surroundings. But trying times like these, with many New Yorkers devastated by the after affects of the storm, bring us closer together.

As the power in lower Manhattan continues to turn back on (thankfully!), it’s important not to forgot those in the Rockaways, Red Hook, the Jersey Shore, etc. that may have lost almost all of their material possessions. Be proactive and donate to the American Red Cross via, or sign up to volunteer at

While we’re thrilled to be bringing back our New York City Holiday Markets this November (Union Square opens on November 16th and Columbus Circle on November 28th), and aid in restoring some semblance of normalcy to our amazing city, we encourage all New Yorkers to give back before heading out on their holiday shopping expeditions this year. Life is unpredictable…. and it never hurts to help a fellow New Yorker (or human) out!

Stay warm and dry this weekend, NYC!

-Rachel & the UrbanSpace Blog Squad



Throwback Thursday: Union Square Holiday Market

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

It’s Throwback Thursday! With our 2012 Union Square Holiday Market kicking off in a matter of weeks – opening day is Friday, November 16th – we want to direct your attention to an oldie but a goodie.

Behold the glowing 2008 City Section piece in The New York Times on UrbanSpace and the Union Square Holiday Market; read it here. Three cheers to our fearless leader, Eldon Scott!

-The UrbanSpace Blog Squad


Exciting Changes for Dekalb Market

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Come mid-fall 2012, our beloved Dekalb Market will be moving to a new location within the Brooklyn area. While some may see this as sad news, we couldn’t be more excited about this new opportunity to restructure our format and streamline everyone’s access to all our top-tier vendors.

Although this shift is coming at an unexpected time for everyone, we are thrilled to reopen in a new location and continue showcasing all our esteemed retailers at the new and improved Dekalb Market. Celebrate the final months by heading to the 10th anniversary of The Rub this Saturday!

Stay tuned here for the latest news, and make sure to keep up with us on Twitter @Uat.urbanspacenyc and


First Virtual Film Festival for Tribeca

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

There’s a new option for those who can’t see all 85 just-announced features in person. The Tribeca Film Festival has launched a new online distribution initiative, allowing viewers worldwide to take part. The Virtual Festival opens on April 23rd with the world premiere of Edward Burn’s “Nice Guy Johnny.”

(via Indiewire)