Broadway Bites

Broadway Bites pops-up in summer and fall at Greeley Square, showcasing a diverse mix of cuisines from local chefs and makers. You’ll find a mix of original concepts from experienced vendors, as well as talented up-and-coming entrepreneurs bringing their flavors to the markets for the first time.


2017 Summer Market | June 1st – July 14th
Open daily Monday – Sunday 11am – 9pm

2017 Fall Market | October 4th – November 10th


Greeley Square – Broadway, between 32nd and 33rd Street.



Summer 2017 Broadway Bites Vendors

Mighty Quinns

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ is the leader in fast casual authentic BBQ in New York. The approach is simple: source the best quality ingredients we can and donʼt fuss with them too much. We cook our barbeque the old school way with plenty of wood and time, adding just the right amount of salt and spice to let that lovely marriage of process and product evolve into something transcendent.


DAA! Dumplings

DAA! Dumplings are Russian and world ­inspired dumplings made by hand, using local and organic ingredients only. Offering exquisitely crafted traditional, whole wheat, and vegan options; DAA! Dumplings is first to offer unique “air­fried” dumplings (using up to 80% less fat than deep fried).



MATZAHBREI is our modern take on the traditional delight. It’s is a warm, savory matzah sandwich, stuffed with delicious fresh veggies.
It is entirely vegetarian or vegan.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner – It’s your new healthy comfort food!


Squish Marshmallows

Squish Marshmallows is producing marshmallows of magnificent magnitude. These small batch, hand cut marshmallows are made with unique flavors, fulfilling every palate from childhood favorite combinations, to sophisticated, grown-up confections. Oh, and of course, lots and lots of love.

The goal of Squish Marshmallows is to make a quality, delicious product, using natural ingredients in the marshmallow base, that makes people happy and changes the way they view the humble marshmallow. Whether you choose to enjoy the marshmallows by themselves, or use them to make the most decadent and whimsical s’mores, the idea is to simply eat them and be happy.


Hold My Knots

Have you ever thought to yourself, “my breath needs more garlic”? Well we’ve got your answer… You are officially invited to hold my knots. Introducing the Original Garlic Knot Sliders. Hold My Knots has created a sandwich like no other. Hold My Knots specializes in garlic knot sliders-those are slider-sized sandwiches stuffed with fan-favorites like chicken parm, eggplant parm and meatball parm, then topped off with some garlic and parmesan cheese.

If that’t not your style, they also have traditional garlic knots and cheesy garlic knots… Or if you prefer hotdogs to knots-or with your knots- another option is the original knotdog hotdog… Yep, a hotdog wrapped in a garlic knot.


Top Hops

Top Hops Beer Shop, located on Orchard Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side is a beer shop, tasting bar and culture center for craft and import beers, all in one establishment. It’s the kind of place where seasoned beer geeks can share their enthusiasm and new craft beer fans can learn a bit more about the magic combination of hops, yeast, barley and water. Top Hops is not just a retail store — it’s a celebration of beer, and the good people who brew it. Our environment is simple and cozy, with space to browse over 600 bottles and cans from around the world. Customers join us at our tasting bar where they can sample a flight of freshly poured beer, or try out a bottle from the fridge. And as always, we fill up growlers or crowlers of fresh beer for customers to take home to enjoy later.
Top Hops offers more than just great tasting beer. We host a wide range of educational events, book signings, brewmaster visits and food pairings. We foster appreciation for the craft and history of great beer. We are merchants AND advocates. Top Hops Beer Shop at Broadway Bites will feature local breweries on tap as well as a curated selection of bottles and cans all available for on premise consumption.


Kimchi Bowl

In 2010, Kimchi Grill was founded by Phillip Lee, 15 year veteran of New York City’s competitive restaurant world. The concept of Kimchi Grill was to serve Korean and Asian food that’s accessible and memorable in ways that the general public could truly appreciate its unique and bold flavors. Kimchi Grill launched with the extremely popular Kimchi Taco (food) Truck in Spring 2011. After a year of roaming the streets and satisfying many taste buds and bellies, Kimchi Grill, brick and mortar opened its doors to spread the love in Brooklyn’s eclectic neighborhood, Prospect Heights. Using familiar serving vehicles or dishes such as burgers, tacos, fried chicken, etc., the Brooklyn brick and mortar’s menu focused on bringing flavors of Korea that the public were still somewhat intimidated. With the success of the first location, in the Summer of 2014, second Kimchi Grill opened in Carroll Gardens / Gowanus. Plans are in the works to open a 3rd Kimchi Grill concept in Bushwick late Spring of 2017.

In December 2016, Kimchi Grill’s first “pop-up / kiosk” was launched in Jersey City accentuating the use of healthy Asian ingredients along with our famous kimchi. We hope to take it one step further at 2017 Urban Space markets by focusing solely on healthy Asian rice and grain bowls that is creative and uniquely blended.


Chick’ N Cone

Chick’ n Cone is an innovation on traditional chicken and waffles… Our taste sensation is made with hand breaded crispy chicken tenders tossed up in your choice of one of our six signature sauces and piled up in a homemade waffle cone.  It’s grab-n-go comfort food at it’s best!


Domo Taco

Domo Taco is a cross cultural taqueria concept that brings pan-Asian flavors in delicious and inventive ways to traditional Mexican fare. What started out as a single taco truck has become one of New York’s hottest new taquerias. Now in its fourth year as a food truck and second season working with Urban Space, Domo Taco seeks to bring smiles to hungry lunchers with delicious food and a warm staff.


Ice & Vice

Ice and Vice is an innovative start-up that specializes in handcrafted artisanal ice cream, sorbets, and frozen yogurts. We introduce experimental, high-end flavor profiles to ice cream and frozen desserts, and re-imagine the way we experience them. Our ice cream contains 16% butterfat, little air, creating a rich, luxurious product.


Hank’s Juicy Beef

Hank’s Juicy Beef – our grass-fed, slow-roasted beef, sliced paper-thin, marinated in Italian herbs and spices, served on a freshly-baked French roll, and topped with “hot” or mild giardiniera (pickled vegetable “from the garden”).  NYC’s one and only Italian beef sandwich company.  Built on 3 generations of family beef! We also feature Chicago’s #1 hot dog and a “sweet” Italian sausage.


East Coast Poke

East Coast Poke is the original NYC poke brand.  What separates us from ALL of our competition is the absolute freshness and quality of our product.  We offer up THE best bowl of Poke this side of Oahu.  We use true Hawaiian Ahi, Fresh never frozen and flown straight from the fishing boats of Oahu, Hawaii.  Mahalo!


The Doughnut Project

The Doughnut Project makes small batch, hand-crafted yeast doughnuts with flavors inspired by food and cocktails. Enjoy the unique blend of a sweet beet glaze and ricotta cheese with “These Beetz are Dope.” Satisfy your chocolate craving with the “Black Gold, Texas Tea” doughnut or take a bite out of a West Coast classic: The Bacon Maple Bar.


Arepa Factory

We proud ourselves to make the best Arepas and Cachapas in town, 100% gluten free. A healthy, delicious and a new concept for New Yorkers.


Frida’s Favorites

Frida’s Favorites is a new traditional Mexican concept serving “Traditional Mexican Soul Food.”  New York’s multicultural core makes it the food capital of the world, and Frida’s Favorite celebrates that eclectic energy of different cultures coming together through food.  You won’t find a melting pot here, but you will find some of the best Mexican cuisine in the city.


Don Don NY

DON DON NY creates delicious Japanese curry and rice bowls, a staple in Japanese home cuisine. We introduce a modern twist to the Japanese foods that aren’t as mainstream yet. When New Yorkers think of Japanese food, they always think of ramen or sushi, but there’s so much more to Japanese comfort food. Japanese Curry is flavorful, filling, and heart-warming and it’s everywhere in Japan.

“DON” is the Japanese word for “rice bowl” and we specialize in made-from-scratch Japanese curry rice bowls with several “katsu bite” options. A classic pairing to Japanese curry rice is Tonkatsu. It translates to deep-fried cutlet and they are traditionally laid atop, sliced, on the curry sauce. Our Katsu Bites transform these cutlets into bites that are easier to fry and eat. Our “katsu bite” options are chicken, pork, and vegetarian.

Founders May Matsuo-Rose and Travis Light-Harris of Maialino, Union Square Hospitality Group’s Italian eatery, love bringing excellent Japanese soul food and enlightened hospitality to the NY Foodie community. No customization is out of the question and anything is possi-bowl!


Renegade Lemonade

RENEGADE LEMONADE is the 2015 VENDY Award Winner for “Best Street Drink”. RL has participated in some of the largest markets and events/concerts in the city. These include Madison SQR Eats, BWAY Bites, PANORAMA, Electric Zoo, The Meadows, Bryant Park HBO Film Festival, Gay Pride, Jazz Age Lawn Party, Smorgasburg, Renegade Craft Fair, etc. We make and sell fresh, crazy, unique lemonade flavors. Our drinks are refreshing, unique, and made from season, real ingredients.



Artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches.  Dairy farmer owned and operated.  We are the definition of farm to table!


Stout NYC

STOUT NYC, is New York city’s largest bar. The flagship location is on West 33rd Street, with two new location in the past 5 years.
Handcrafted Burgers made from our own custom blend beef, served with our hand cut double cooked French Fries. Our famous burger concept consists of a Bratwurst Burger and Angry Burger and many more.


Baked Cheese Haus

Baked Cheese Haus is a Wisconsin specialty and artisanal cheesemaker specializing in Alpine-style Raclette.  We heat half wheels of Alpine cheese under traditional Raclette warmers, and scrape the molten cheese on to toasted baguettes with varying accompaniments in the tradition of the Swiss Alps.


Bao by Kaya

Bao by Kaya is an established NYC street vendor specializing in Taiwanese snacks, and the signature Taiwanese-style burger “gua bao” – a white, fluffy steamed bun served with a variety of meat options. Bao by Kaya was honored as a finalist for Rookie of the Year at the 2015 Vendy Awards.


Todaro Bros

For 99 Years, Todaro Bros has specialized in the finest selection of Italian imported meats and cheeses. At Broadway Bites, Todaro Bros. is offering a selection of Hero sandwiches, such the “Italian Combo” with prosciutto, genoa salami, capicolla and provolone, the “Il Sole Mio” with homemade Mozzarella, Sundried Tomatoes and Arugula and “Chicken Parm” with our classic pomodoro sauce.



At Mochidoki, we are driven to discover new possibilities with mochi ice cream. Taking a fresh and modern approach to design an artisanal dessert crafted with premium ingredients and innovative flavor creations.  


Mi Burger

You like rice, you like burgers? You will like Mi Burger! Mi Burger is a creative fusion cuisine that specialized in rice burgers, which consist with crispy rice bun (gluten free) and various fillings. It all starts with the rice bun base. It’s a blend of sushi rice that’s caramelized for flavor and crunch. It has a crispy and melt-in-your-month texture and delicious roasted aroma.


Chingu New Korean

Chingu is a new Korean concept restaurant where old food meets new. Meaning “Friend” in Korean, we strive it to be a place that you can just relax, hangout, and enjoy amazing delicious food as if you were at your friends house. We plan to bring a fun new experience of eating your traditional Bibimbap but with a twist, Korean Double Fried Chicken Wings but with an extra flavor that you might remember and enjoy from your childhood, and even refreshing Korean beverages. We also will be bringing Korean style ramen for both Vegetarians and “Meatatarians” alike. Things like Oxtail Ramen, Mandoo Ramen, and even Party Ramen are in the works.


Macaron Parlour

Founded in 2010 by Christina Ha and Simon Tung, Macaron Parlour offers a wide array of delicious macarons. Their flavor offerings range from the traditional (Red Velvet) to the crazy and creative (Cheetos).


Enfes NYC

mmm Enfes serves Turkish street food – savory stuffed pastries and traditional sweets – in the heart of New York City. It’s appropriately named: “mmm…enfes” translates to “mmm…delicious” in English.


Jicama “California Street Food”

Jicama has created its own unique style of cuisine: “California Street Food”. They serve beautiful farm inspired salads, tacos and tamales that rejuvenate and invigorate. Jicama appeals to those who love the beauty and brightness of healthy food.


Mr Bing – Beijing Street Foods

Mr Bing’s mission is to introduce America to traditional Beijing street crepes, made hot & fresh in front of the customer. For those already familiar with bings, we aim to instill a sense of nostalgia for the China street food culture they remember.


Hai Street Kitchen & Co

Hai Street Kitchen & Co. makes Japanese-inspired sushi burritos for the hungry, health-conscious, and adventurous diner. At Hai Street Kitchen & Co you’ll find fresh, all-natural ingredients carefully rolled into a Nori wrap. These bold, fun and flavorful handheld sushi burritos are great on the go and perfect for lunch or dinner. It’s always a great day to #GetHai


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