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Become A Vendor

Locations: UrbanSpace markets are in the best locations in New York City and Brooklyn. We partner with the neighborhoods and BIDs to create vibrant, high-traffic piazzas that are attractive, easily-accessible and exciting for locals and their visitors.

Traffic: Our chosen neighborhoods are well-known, highly populated and close to public transportation.

Quality Control: We review each vendor application personally to ensure superior quality.  Our shoppers know that the merchandise they discover at our markets is unique, creative and worth bragging about.  We specialize in showcasing independent artisans.

Experience: We work closely with our vendors to ensure that the entire UrbanSpace experience is pleasant and profitable, from load-in to load-out. We design our markets with our shoppers in mind, and collaborate with our partner neighborhoods/parks and vendors to ensure that the markets are not just quick stops, but places to meet friends, spend an afternoon and recommend to friends and colleagues.

Physical set-up: UrbanSpace markets feature small shops with full electric service; this presents a unique opportunity to create your own boutique with a creative, high-end display in a busy area.  We provide 24-hour security, so you set up once, close your booth at night, and re-open each morning. We do everything we can to make you look the best that you can.

Marketing: UrbanSpace has a fantastic PR, Social Media and Marketing team, who will work with you to craft a unique vendor profile that the press, social media community and consumers will respond to.  Creating a presence in one of our markets is one of the best ways to get your product in front of thousands of customers. In addition to sales during the markets, you’ll get instant feedback from consumers, as well as the opportunity to drive future sales to your online and brick and mortar stores.

Success Stories: There have been an innumerable number of successful businesses that started at an UrbanSpace market. Red or Dead and The Body Shop’s first London venues were at UrbanSpace’s Camden Lock Market, and hundreds of business in the US have gone to achieve national acclaim.

Are you interested in applying for a booth at one of our markets?  Please fill out our vendor application; once you’ve applied, we’ll send you detailed information about our upcoming markets, costs and requirements for participation. We look forward to hearing from you!