4Food is De-junking Fast-Food at UrbanSpace Meatpacking

Check out our interview with Khahlidra Levister, Executive Vice President of 4food, one of our amazing vendors at UrbanSpace Meatpacking. They are revolutionizing fast food! Check them out at the market, located at 860 Washington Street!

How and when did 4food start and what was the inspiration?

Conceived of an idea for healthy fast food in the 1990’s, Adam Kidron and Michael Shuman opened 4food in September 2010. The idea was inspired by an unexpected encounter with a gentleman who served as the head Product Development for a major fast food chain. To see the story unfold:

What’s your mission?

We are De-junking™ fast food: No fads, fillers, or anything artificial; revolutionizing counter culture, in real-time. We’ve upgraded foods that people already eat – burgers, fries, salads, and sodas – transforming them into new menu items that are convenient and almost infinitely customizable to our guests’ lifestyles and nutritional preferences. Our foods do not contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats or oils; artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial flavor enhancers. As part of our commitment to supporting our local farming community, wherever possible we purchase locally grown ingredients. Our beef, pork, and lamb come from cows, pigs, and sheep that are humanely raised while grazing and eating all-natural vegetarian diets. Our turkey is fed a heritage diet without artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. Our salmon is wild, from the waters of the Pacific or Atlantic depending on the season.

4food is De-junking™ more than fast food. Our restaurant is built with natural construction materials, such as local sustainable hardwood pine, that are abundant and regenerative. To reduce our carbon footprint we utilize energy-saving fixtures and equipments, such as solar shades to control interior temperatures and the expenditure of electricity. In addition, our kitchen employs an Orca Green® self-contained bioreactor that decomposes food and biodegradable waste into water, drastically reducing our contribution to the city’s nearly one million tons of waste produced each year.

What’s your most popular food item?

The hands down crowd favorite is the Mac Daddy, which we will be featuring at the Market. It’s a juicy beef (W)holeburger stuffed with creamy Mac & Cheese, topped with crispy pancetta and housemade BBQ Sauce.

What’s your morning routine?

I wake up to “Fun, Fun, Fun” of the Despicable Me Soundtrack; walk my French Bulldog Frankie around Gramercy Park; jump into my drag and hit the 6 train!

Favorite place in NYC?

The Conservatory Garden at Central Park.

Favorite vacation spot?

Vacation? What’s that?!


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